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A museum where history is at home.
A journey back in time to discover the origins of the Red Cross in a playful and interactive way, thanks to an exhibition pathway suitable for all ages.

Rare and curious objects, sanitary instruments and historical vehicles, video projections, interactive installations and an Augmented Reality tour turn a visit to the MICR into an adventure for the whole family.
An adventure that continues outside the museum, among the villages and hills of Alto Mantovano, in pursuit of an idea destined to change history!



From age 5 onwards, the museum offers spaces, activities and games to experience history as main characters.
An immersive environment to relive the battle of Solferino, reconstructions of rescue activities, talking objects, games to recognise the uniforms and sounds of war, discover the areas of conflict and the spread of the National Red Cross Societies around the world.

For children (aged 8 and above)
The visit to the museum turns into an exploration in order to answer questions and puzzles in the company of our animators. On the way, the children will meet a soldier, a doctor, a Red Cross nurse or other characters who have taken part in the history of the Red Cross.
Duration: 1hr 30 mins.
Cost: €10, in addition to the ticket price.
By reservation only, for groups of 10 or less, on Saturdays and Sundays.

For older children (aged 12 and above)
A visit specially designed for young people, in the company of two volunteer educators, to learn more about the history of the Red Cross, relief and humanitarian work around the world.
Duration: 1hr 30 mins.
Cost: €10, in addition to the ticket price.
By reservation only, for groups of 10 or less, on Saturdays and Sundays.

A space for children at the heart of the museum
Do you want to take a break and enjoy the reading corner while your children are having fun?
The museum team has prepared a selection of games, books, magazines and comics for children and adults.
The museum is exciting for everyone, even children!



The MICR offers guided tours, information and educational materials for the whole family.
By downloading the MICR App you can follow the Fil Rouge Augmented Reality trail: The voices of three characters – a soldier, a volunteer and a Red Cross nurse – will guide you through the origins and evolution of the Red Cross. And at the end of the trip, a very special souvenir: a historic shot, an Augmented Reality “family portrait” in the company of Henry Dunant and the Red Cross nurses!


Discover all the services that the MICR offers to help you organise your family visit.

All visits are accessible to people with reduced mobility or disabilities.
The museum consists of three levels connected by a lift.
Guide dogs are welcome.
Do you have specific needs? Contact us before your visit.

For more information or reservations Tel. + 39 0376 631107 | Email:



The MICR stands on the site of the Battle of Solferino and the events that led to the birth of the Red Cross. The 1200 square metres of the museum tell a story that continues outside and are an invitation to continue the visit among the hills of Alto Mantovano. An area rich in history, culture and nature, all waiting to be explored. A few kilometres from Lake Garda and cities of art such as Mantua and Verona.
Find out more about the Lands of Alto Mantovano