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The MICR develops projects for the enhancement, sharing and accessibility of the historical heritage of the Red Cross in collaboration with institutions and professionals in the field of communication and cultural mediation, updating technologies and languages in order to approach new audiences and request participatory processes.

Each project represents an opportunity to disseminate valuable content, start up relationships, contribute to local networking and promote social inclusion.
Discover our most recent projects in this section.

fil rouge

The Fil Rouge project was set up in 2019 to provide the museum with a multimedia pathway offering an alternative or complementary experience to the guided tour, bringing the history of the Red Cross closer to a wider audience.
The MICR Augmented Reality App and the interactive installation Gli Oggetti Raccontano (Talking Objects) take visitors on a voyage of discovery from the collections, allowing them to explore the themes according to their own interests: curiosities, images and documents from various archives made up of interactive narratives, revealing invisible stories.
The project, promoted by MICR and the Lombardy Red Cross, was carried out with the contribution of the Lombardy Region, in collaboration with the company Rataplan.

MICR app

The MICR App, available in two languages (Italian-English) and downloadable free of charge for iOS and Android systems, allows you to access Augmented Reality content directly from your smartphone or tablet by framing the markers indicated along the pathway.
Three different narrative voices guide the visitor: a private soldier, a Red Cross nurse and a volunteer.
The multimedia contents – audio, video, animations, images – are the result of careful historical research conducted with the support and supervision of historians from the Italian Red Cross.

The last marker holds a small surprise: a “historic” Augmented Reality shot with Henry Dunant or in the company of a group of American Red Cross nurses. It is a special souvenir of the museum experience, to be shared on social media with the hashtag #TuttiFratelli and #FilRouge.
The App also has a navigable menu containing information about the Museum and suggestions for continuing the visit at other places in the Alto Mantovano.

Talking Objects

Gli Oggetti Raccontano (Talking Objects) is an interactive installation, in two languages (Italian-English), complementary to the immaterial and digital dimension of Augmented Reality, which allows visitors to interact with the objects on display, silent guardians of stories.
Five objects – a bucket, an oil lamp, a model of an ambulance, a surgical instrument and a filing cabinet – are connected to sensors that are activated by a simple touch, revealing their history.




How can museums and archives enhance the value of their collections, based on the concepts of mediation and accessibility? What are the practices, the methods, the possible ways forward? Started with these questions in 2019, Historytelling: telling, sharing, enhancing museum heritage this project was promoted by MICR and Croce Rossa Lombardia in collaboration with Rataplan, the Museums and Society area of ABCittà and with the contribution of Regione Lombardia.

The project allowed a training course on the themes of cultural mediation and accessibility,to be carried out, the co-design of useful tools for the practice and return of the work in a publication accompanied by insights with a focus on the creation of “Loan Boxes”.
The training sessions brought together people from very different professional and personal backgrounds to share experiences and start up exchange networks.

The publication is the result of this process: it’s intended to be a small but valuable guide, useful for consultation and work by all those who work, in various capacities, in the enhancement of cultural heritage.

Download it for free in the MEDIA LIBRARY section of this website or on MLOL-Media Library On Line, the most important Italian platform for digital lending.


In 2020, the MICR and the Brescia Red Cross produced the musical performance:

Aren’t there enough reasons not to be caught off guard?
Three-part play about Henry Dunant and the idea of the Red Cross.

with theatre direction by Emanuela Dall’Aglio and music by Laura Toffetti, inspired by Henry Dunant’s Un Souvenir de Solferino.

In the performance, performed with live musical improvisations by the ensemble Antichi Strumenti and with the participation of Stefano Cenci, five musical instruments – two violins, a cello, a saxophone and an electric bass – and a couple of actors retrace the origins and evolution of the Red Cross up to the present day.

Alternating between words, music and images, blending history and the present day, the story unfolds of an idea born almost by chance, in the midst of one of the bloodiest battles of modern times, in the streets of a town transformed into a hospital, thanks to a mixture of humanity, ingenuity and the courage of the living. The show ends in an travelling form, with the spectators invited to follow the Red Cross volunteers to the place where civilian clothes and uniforms of yesterday and today are laid out on camp beds, each accompanied by a screen on which a video runs silently: together, they bring back memories of the many relief operations carried out by the Red Cross all over the world in recent years, right up to the current health emergency.

The musical and theatrical performance took place on the occasion of reopening the Museums after the first lockdown with two performances at the MICR on 10th and 11th October 2020, and a repeat performance in Brescia the following week in the courtyard of the Paul VI Centre, where during the first wave of the pandemic, the Volunteer Nurses looked after the positive covid patients discharged from hospital.