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A story to be experienced!
At the MICR, primary, middle and high school students can discover the history of the largest international humanitarian association and retrace the steps of the Italian Risorgimento in an interactive and entertaining way.

Multimedia supports, interactive technologies, rare objects and documents help students to immerse themselves in the tumultuous and fascinating era of the Risorgimento. An essential period in the school curriculum, often difficult to read and interpret.
At the MICR, children and young people can experience the history they have learned in textbooks with educational tours and activities for all school levels.

The museum’s educational offering

The museum offers educational paths with different options, modulating the contents according to the school level:


1. Guided tours

You can choose a general visit on the inception and development of the Red Cross or a visit with a particular thematic focus (e.g. the battle of Solferino, first aid, humanitarian law)
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: €60, in addition to the ticket price


2. Guided tour + themed workshop

It is possible to agree on the type of visit and to combine it with a workshop activity
Duration: 4 hours
Cost: €120, in addition to the ticket price


3. Guided visit + tour of the battle of Solferino and San Martino sites

The visit to the museum can continue to explore the Alto Mantovano area, where there is evidence of the historic battle and the relief work carried out by the people of Castiglione and Henry Dunant.
Duration: one day
Cost: €120, in addition to the ticket price


4. Independent visit

The museum provides free teaching and educational materials to support independent visits.


For all educational activities, the museum provides two classrooms equipped with Wi-Fi for schools.

Consult the Practical Info to better organise your visit with your class.

All visits are accessible to people with reduced mobility or disabilities.
The museum consists of three levels connected by a lift.
Guide dogs are welcome.
Do you have specific needs? Contact us before your visit.

For more information or reservations Tel. + 39 0376 631107 | Email: