MICR-O STORIES: Tazio Nuvolari

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A legendary name: Tazio Nuvolari.

Born in Castel d’Ario, in the province of Mantua, Italy, in 1892 and destined to become one of the greatest drivers of all time, he was an undisputed major player on the roads and circuits of Europe, Africa and America. During World War II he was called to serve as a driver. He drove Red Cross ambulances and vehicles transporting officers between the front lines and the rear of the Eastern Front. But nothing seemed to foreshadow his brilliant career behind the wheel. During a service he ran off the road and receives a clear warning from the officer:“Trust me – forget it. Driving cars is not for you”!

Find out more at the Museum of Tazio Nuvolari of Mantua, Italy, 38km from the MICR